March 22, 2010

Break on Through ...

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Dear "Other Side" ... consider me broken through.

I seem to have found my footing again; after stomping, quite aggressively, through the muck. Feeling a lot better lately. Whew, thank goodness for THAT, I was infuriating myself with all my blues! Ha.

The weather has been glorious lately. Well, not today. It's pretty cold and rainy today. And not yesterday, either. It was pretty cool and rainy then, too. Ok, so the weather was glorious for exactly two days, a coupla days ago! lol. But it was a wonderful two days. So warm. I love feeling the sun heat my skin. We spent much time outside, soaking it up.

Never underestimate the power of lying on a blanket in the sun, sipping green smoothie, listening to your kids laugh (and fall down, lol, they were learning how to use their new skates. People falling down CRACKS me up!), and watching the clouds glide across the blue sky. SO much joy! Something in that moment triggered my 'WTF' meter. I'd been moping and doping for weeks. Weeks! What the hell is the point of that? Missing out of the wonderment of life because I was so busy lugging around about a gajillion black clouds to hang up over me.

Yea, no thanks! That's no fun, and I'm telling you people, I am all about the fun!

Ok Ok, maybe not ALL about the fun. I do have a deeper, darker, more introverted and meloncholy side to me. A side that I no longer feel ashamed of; no longer feel the need to hide and wear a mask because of. It's part of me. Not all of me... just a part. There's room.


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