March 1, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics ... Paul Style

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Stealing (and expanding on) a Photo-A-Day entry I published the other day.
This first photo alone is reason enough to duplicate.
I mean, look at their expressions! So cute, and fun, and giddy!
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Rylan & Owen Paul for Team USA ...
at the starting line for Mens Speed Stairs; Team Pursuit.
aaaaaand they're OFF!

Even though we don't have cable (or tv) in the house,
so we had to catch the events online,
which were only made available to us approx 2 days after said event,
causing difficulty trying to keep the suspense going (it seems everywhere I turn there's another person, or news story, or tweet, etc telling me who the winner of such and such event was) ...
we all still really enjoyed it.
We love the Olympics!!!
both watching as well as playing ...
and since we're unschoolers, we have endless amounts of time to create and play out our
"Paul Family Olympics"


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