November 9, 2011


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me and my gram <3
My Gram came for a visit this past week!
Circumstances surrounding her impromptu visit weren't so happy (her best friend here died, so she came in for the memorial services) but we were SO excited to see her! This past week has been wonderful! Mostly just sitting around, talking, catching up, hearing old family stories, and playing games (she taught us cribbage and i'm totally a cribbage master now!) I learned a lot about our family history; hopefully enough to start genealogy tracking. It's something I've been interested in for years, but haven't really done anything about. Can't wait to get started!

We were so so SOO sad to say goodbye tonight. I wish we were all closer. If I could transplant all of my family and friends to one location; I would be such a happy girl!

I miss her so much already!

Gram Time!
they enjoyed having her around so much!


Reading Stories!
See Tatum? She LOVED gram, and has been so sad and confused by her leaving.
lets all snuggle

at the airport :-(

we love you, gramma!

come back soon!!!

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  1. Tears, tears, tears, just like you had when you took her to the airport. These pictures are so special to me too!!! Thank-You for sharin <3