November 18, 2011

Snail Mail Happiness

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I love getting mail. 
Love, Love, Love!
I'm sure if I love it so much; other people must as well. 
I'm horrible at sending mail.
Must change that.

I would super love it if each and every one of you reading this post (yep, even you) send me your address and birth date (kids birth dates and anniversary, too... if you have em) so I can add ya to my "brighten up yer day" mailing list. :-)  Get it in before the holidays, as I am once again going to attempt a holiday card mailing :-O. It's been about 5 years; I'm due! 

Snail Mailers Unite!

If you'd like to fill up my mail box with happiness and smiles...

285 East Oakview Lane
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Dec 15, 1979

I accept packages! ;-)

Oooh, and I finally got my hands on an iPhone (thank you sprint for now carrying the magic); and I'm totally hooked on instagram (the photo above). Follow me at melimae79 

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  1. email me desert rat mama @ gmail dot come and I will gladly give you my snail mail (though we're moving) and I will send you something asap. Getting mail is one of the best things ever, isn't it? I love that my grandma, at 90, still sends out birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards every year. Those things make me so happy.