November 3, 2011

flying into teenage-hood

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My Son. My first born. My sweet baby boy. You are 13 today. A teenager. A freakin' teenager. Are you as surprised as I am? No, probably not. You've been waiting for this day for quite a long time now. The days, weeks, months, years couldn't move fast enough for you. For me, though... oh how I wished I could slow them down. It goes by in the blink of an eye. I remember being young and hearing all of the adults around me muttering similar phrases, and I thought they were all insane. Whacked out of their minds. Now that I'm one of those adults; I get it. It's fast. And the older I get; the faster it all goes. Ironic, really. I remember first finding out about you ... hanging over the toilet puking; pregnancy stick in hand. Such a surprise. And you continue to be full of surprises at every turn. You're strong and smart. Bold, outgoing, and fearless. You inspire me on a daily basis, and I couldn't imagine a life without you in it. I love you, Larson! Happy 13th Birthday! 

ZIPLINING! A first for each of us!
You're not the only one bringing surprises ;-)
All harnessed and ready to go

coming in for a landing

such a rush

it was beautiful

Larson and Mom racing on the last zip!

we freakin' LOVE zip lining

finishing up

We Believe!
We did a total of 6 zips. So.Much.Fun!

and of course we wrapped up the evening with some birthday cake...
homemade raw vegan pineapple cheesecake with blackberry sauce on top.
Best cake we've (i've, lol) made thus far!!!


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