November 6, 2011

is there anything to rekindle

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I still don't really have words to express how I feel about Nick being home; again.
Mostly because my feelings vary.
Up and Down.
Hot and Cold.
It'll take time, I'm sure, to sort through all of these emotions.
Time, though, has always been so abstract and fleeting with us.
The kids.
Oooh, the kids.
There's no uncertainty with them.
They are over the moon thrilled to have Dad back.
Such happy, forgiving, "live in the moment" little souls.
They inspire me.
We've vowed to make some extreme changes to our healing process.
He's committed to stepping away from the status quo.
I'm committed to not let fear dictate my reactions.
Works in progress; for sure.
With all the damage that has been done to our relationship,
I often wonder if there is anything left to salvage.
We went on a date night tonight. 
Trying to find that spark again.
A rekindling of something.

grocery shopping... super romantic date, right? haa

music. sweet sweet music


there are some really awesome sidewalk etchings downtown.
this one outside of a record store we were going in to.


totally creamed him ;-)


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