October 17, 2009

An apple a day ...

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ok, you know the rest of it! lol.
Of course, eating just one apple a day wont do much of anything for you if the rest of your food choices follow a standard american diet, but there is some truth laced in that old adage.

I am always surprised at how much I love apples. I often turn away from them, and instead grab something else. I'm not sure why, really. I just never see them as appetising, exciting, worth the time. That is until I'm backed into a corner, hungry as heck, and the only thing near me is an apple. I reluctantly give in, take a bite, and more often then not I say the exact same thing ... 'WHY don't I eat these more often"?!?

They're so good (usually, there are bad varieties out there - barf!) and so conveniently packaged, lol.

They contain both types of fiber, helps your heart AND your intestines at the same time. Woot! They are a great blood sugar stabilizer for both hypo-glycemia and diabetes (it makes me sad to know there are so many with blood sugar issues that shy away from fruit because of all the misinformation out there). They possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, and tonic properties. They contain all 9 essential amino acids (amino acids are what build protein in the body). Plus all their other vitamin and mineral content, of course. Speaking of, did you know the more tart the apple, the higher the vit c content will be? Fun fact!

Apples are great ... go eat one, or two, or seven, and remember to leave the skin on!


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