October 3, 2009

Revival of the Dreads

Posted by meli on Saturday, October 03, 2009 in | 3 comments
and this time I am determined to keep the crazy down to a minimum, lol.
(click here to see more of my Dreadie Journey photos)

They did take an ubber long time to create, and there has already some drama with the process...

Nick wanted to help me, so I told him he could. He's a Virgo... anal perfectionist to the core (on some things).

The sectioning of my hair took such a long time. 4 days the first time (yes, I said FOUR DAYS), before he realized he didn't like the way it was turning out (the sections were really uneven, and he curved upward the entire way up my head). At that point I really wanted to wash my hair again, so I took all of the bands out, and he started again the next day.
The second time it took only 2 days to section ... wow, right? lol. He was pretty happy with himself, proud of the grid work he put down, so yay - good for him.
He counted the sections, and there were exactly 60. Sounded good. I wanted absolutely no less then 60, and hoped for no more then 75-80 or so. 60 would work. The dreading began. Took 2 days to finish. When he was almost done, I asked him to count again, because it just didn't seem right. The dreads seemed thicker, the sectios seemed way big, leaving big gaps. He counted again, and there were only 50! Ugh! All of his anal perfectionism couldn't be put toward a recount BEFORE dreading, right? Or perhaps measuring inch sized boxes, instead of inch and a half sized ones, right? That man!

He felt really really bad. I was trying hard to be optimistic. Maybe it would work. Sure, it looked like crap at the moment, but in time perhaps the size and amount would be perfect for me.
I decided to sleep on it, see how I felt in the morning.
Morning came, and I felt worse. Thicker dreads just wasn't what what I envisioned for me, and I really didn't like the huge gaps of scalp that you could see - lol. I knew it would continue to bug me, daily, until I was an obsessive lunatic again... so I made the decision to pick those dreads apart so we could get it right.

Nick went back to work sectioning my hair.
It took almost 21 hours for him to section, and then 2 nights to dread. We finished early this morning, and I love it!!
I left the front undreaded, so there are 64 dreads (though if I ever decide to dread up these front pieces, there will be 70 total).
When they lock up and fill out, I think they're going to be the perfect thickness for me. They're all scratchy and awkward looking right now, but I love em!


  1. Love your little dreadies! You and I have had similar dread experiences. I've wanted dreads for a long time but was always worried what people would think or say. August '08 I finally decided I was going to do it. I read all the info on the web about how to do them yourself and my daughter offered to help. Well after about 8 hours of dreading and awful arm pain I had dreads. They lasted probably 24 hours before I started to remove them. The sectioning was all wrong. I had more dreads on one side then the other. A complete mess. Then about 2 months later my mother offered to help me do them again. She did perfect sectioning and about 10 hours later I had dreads again. They last about 2 days. The problem with that set was they were thick and all I could see was my scalp when I looked it the mirror not to mention the fact that about 6 inches of them came undone the first night. Needless to say that set was removed, too. So here I am a year later with hair almost to my butt hoping, wishing, and praying to be able to go up to Portland, Oregon someday soon and have my dreads put in by the dread goddess.

    Good luck with this set. I really like how thin and flowy they look:)


  2. They are totally you Melissa, you little earth mama : ) I love them, I think my hair would be way too thin to ever look that good in dreads, yours' are a perfect compliment. Job well done to Nick! And a gold medal to you for the patience, lol

  3. Thanks ladies! I love them!

    Heather, what an awesome experience you'll have if you're able to make it to the Dread Goddess! Waiting a year to start the journey again is just far too long ... I'll be sending out some positive *get to portland, soon* vibes for you. ((hugs))