October 6, 2009

Dread-tastic; Leave Them ALONE ...

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What a concept. Leave them alone. It's simple, it's clear, it's direct. Leave them alone. It's perfect!

Granted, I am only on day 4 this time, but wow, what a difference a simple action (or non action, really) has ... leave them alone!

I haven't done a thing with my dreads since starting them again, and they're looking and feeling so much better then they were the first go 'round. Haven't checked to see if they're eating each other, so I could immediately separate them. I plan to only do that after each washing (separating and palm rolling). I haven't fussed with the pieces that seem to be getting more loose, or the stray hairs that have found their way free ... no backcombing and crocheting maintenance every.single.day. And absolutely NO WAX this time... a rule I started off following the first time, until obsession and desperation lead me straight to the sticky product. Yelch! I've found that I actually really LOVE the messy, fuzzy, unkempt look that the wax was keeping at bay. LOVE IT!

Can I tell you just how much happier I am this time. More free. More natural. More ME. What could be better?! :-)

(all photos are from Day 2)

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