June 15, 2012

a smile that couldn't lie

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hollow shells and destruction
paint a picture of my past
venomous words, fury fists
up to bat with only a mask

head first into an abyss
no light on either side
dark, haunting
i won't let it swallow me this time.

my feet
firmly grounded on the soil
the terrain dense, mountainous
my heart ever loyal

follow her i will
my own guiding light
outstretched arms reaching high
carry me through the fight

come what may
i'm standing, i'm strong
darkness screaming loudly now
back turned i carry on

emerging through the fog
vines tangled around my wrists
two emotions intertwined as one
both misery and bliss

i've never been madder
beaten up, broken, tied
never been sadder
all while wearing a smile that couldn't lie


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