June 14, 2012


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and there, in the mystical magic of a sunset, your soul speaks to me forever

he was far from perfect
but really, who isn't
he showed me gentle strength
and he broke chains
that bound me to myth
a man could provide these
no need for muscle
or fists
or mean scathing words
i had no idea
not until him
i may not have been born to him
he was a dad just the same
my dad
i never called him that
it felt... off
but we both knew it
we fit into the roles 
so effortlessly
meant to be
he was meant to be in my life
although he's gone now
some say to a better place
thirteen years without him
his impact is still felt
rocking me to my core
lighting up the path
i know what can be
and i won't settle for less
he taught me that


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