June 29, 2012


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photo taken by Tamri's Sister, Angela

I can't imagine.
Making lunch one minute...
watching your home burn down in flames the next.

I learned last night that one of the unschooling families we met at the LIG conference last month lost their home in a fire yesterday afternoon. The family made it out unharmed; the house was completely destroyed.

They're together. They're safe. They're thankful.

There has been a Facebook Page set up for information regarding donation items the family could use (children's clothing size, dietary issues, etc). If you have things that could be of use, you'll find someone on that page that can help coordinate getting the items to them.

The family also has a paypal debt card, so if you're able to make a monetary donation, they'll be able to access it immediately. That pay pal address is hoppyshaw@gmail.com.

Thoughts, positive energy, prayers, and support are of course always helpful and comforting.

Thinking of you and your family, Tamri!


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