June 8, 2012

Where Art Thou, Dear Camera

I want my camera back!
And that want is pretty much a need, ok folks ... a need!

I have a feeling I'm going to have to pull in some income very very soon. Being unschoolers, I'm working to figure out ways of doing so that won't result in the sending of my children off to public school. A practice I fundamentally disagree with for my family. Photos and Writing. I love em both. I figure I could probably make some money from both. Pretty sure I can make quicker moola with photos. Hence - I need my big camera fixed, and I need it fixed all quick like. Anyone care to donate to the "get my fucking camera fixed asap" fund?! Not even joking here, people! Not.Even.Joking!

I mean, my phone takes pretty good photos. I've used nothing but my phone since December. Was it december when I broke my "should probably just be permanently attached to my arm" beloved camera? I think so. And while in the beginning I cried like an infant. CRIED. Real tears. Big ol' sobbing tears. Over time it's been sort of refreshing. That makes me sad to even say, but it has been. It's simplified my life. It's made me look at things differently. I feel more "exposed" somehow. I probably don't make sense to most of you, right? But you camera people out there - you might understand. Maybe? Anyway, nothing but my phone camera since December, and I've gotten quite a few compliments on the photos. That's enough for me to think I'm the bomb diggity of photo taking, btw!

Let me bask in that glory for a sec ...

Ahhh, feels good.

BUT, I don't think I can actually show up to a photo shoot, expecting to be paid the cheddar, with only my iPhone, and this cute smile. Not going to work. Maybe for a dollar or two, my smile can get a dollar or two... but a dollar or two isn't going to bring home the bacon. Well, we're vegan. Mostly raw vegan... so a dollar or two isn't going to bring home the tomatoes. No sir, it sure will not.

Need Fixed.


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