August 25, 2012

to do's be damned

I keep looking at the calendar.
Watching the days tick away.
Bringing us closer and closer to a whirlwind of activity.

I keep looking at my "to do" list.
Thinking I should get started with the tasks at hand.
Choosing instead to just add more things to it and walk away.

Music and Hooping.
It's all I want right now.
So I tell myself I'll hoop for a bit and then get cracking.

Yea, doesn't happen.
I have no desire whatsofreakinever to accomplish anything on that to do list.
So back to my hoop I go.

Rylan is turning 10 in a few days. My sweet bubsy is stepping over to double digit land. I have decorations to make. And food to prepare. And packing to do for the overnight adventure I have planned for us. We leave for our 20+ hour road trip down to San Diego for Wide Sky Days a couple of days later. Will be a two week trip. I have a crap lot of packing to do for that. And shopping for a few essentials. And food to dehydrate.  And have I mentioned yet that Nick is flying in for a couple of days?

Oh, I haven't?

Well, he is. Flying in. Rylan asked him a month or so ago if he'd come to celebrate his birthday with him, so he's coming in for a couple of days for that. Nick. The guy we haven't seen in what, forever (I used to measure time by counting the weeks he'd been gone; and I have no clue what that number is anymore. The day I realized that, I knew I was moving on). Should be a barrel of fun! :-/  The kids are over the moon excited, though, so I'm happy (and I'll have plenty of hard cider on hand, ha).

Basically, Nick will be here on the 29th. Ry's birthday adventure will start early on the 30th. We wont be home from that adventure until the evening of the 31st. And we leave bright and early on the 1st for our epic road trip to an epic unschooling conference (which is a whirlwind all on it's own).

And the only thing I want to do is hoop.
And dance.
And sing.
And make spotify playlists.
And go to the park to swing.
And dye my hair purple.
And snuggle my almost 10 year old.
And blog... apparently.

And I'm ok with that ;-)


  1. Thank goodness for hoops and Spotify and parks and lovely children to hug and make things better. ((Hugs)) to you.

    1. Yes!
      And thank goodness for sweet friends who send (((hugs)))!