February 4, 2010

Happy 4 months, Dreadies

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yes, I look awful. exhausted, puffy, dark under eye circles do not a good photo make!

Four months old already, wow!
I have noticed a direct, unmistakable correlation between how I feel about my dreads and how I feel about my life. Thought I had already realized this? Yea, me too! lol. Perhaps this is a lesson that has many layers? Onion Cents: The Thin Line Between Life and Dreads Tell me that doesn't have New York Times best seller ALL over it!

I wasn't really loving my dreads this past month. There were many times, infact, that I really really disliked them. I never got to the point of regretting having them, however there were many times in which I did question and regret the way they were first started... "If we would have done this right in the beginning, I wouldn't be having this problem with them now".

This past month has also brought up a lot of unhappiness and resentment that I feel in my life. 'Nother place, 'nother blog...

There has to be a connection, right?

I chopped my bangs off, again, early in the month. I loved them the first day, but since ... yelch! I want the long, more flowy bangs back. I'm glad I made the cut. I wanted to try super short bangs, and even though there was a big part of me that was like "I don't think I'm going to like the outcome" ... I still went for it. I'm really very pleased that I didn't let myself question, doubt, put off, and generally make myself crazy for days over a decision. Which is something I can do when my life feels out of control, and I feel so consumed with stress and unhappiness. I question and doubt myself in everything I do. Growth! It's wonderful.

It's hair. It grows back. Sure, I don't like the super short bangs, but I love what they represent. I'm looking forward to them growing back out, but that's not to say I wont try the super short bang look again in the future. I'm a creature of change.

I've been taking steps in my life to bring about the sort of change I want to see. Starting things that I've wanted to start for years. Making plans for our near future that we once felt were beyond our reach. The sky is more blue, the grass more green, my soul more open ... and my dreads are lovely again!


  1. I LOVE them. Its still not my hubs idea for my hair. Not that he tells me not to. But I want him to like the way I look. Im still working on him and hope one day he will see them just as cute as I do,.

  2. It took my hunny about a year to come around to the idea before I dreaded. He LOVES them now... maybe even more then I do! lol.