February 6, 2010

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Posted by meli on Saturday, February 06, 2010 | 2 comments

I was reading Boho Girl's recent blog entry the other day, and parts of it really resonated with me. She spoke of feelings that I too have been feeling lately. Feeling the pull to move on while working hard to stay present.

A born dreamer; it's a balance that I am forever working on ... staying present. Not letting these moments pass by in a hurried attempt to "move on" and to "get to where we're going". There are times, each day, that I am failing at this balance. And as the failures mount up, I have become increasingly frustrated and impatient with myself. With a four word phase, Boho girl summed up my feelings perfectly ... "impatient with being impatient". I'm impatient with the slow process in which our lives are in right now. We're in limbo, for who knows how long, and it can be hard to cope with sometimes (especially given that we have no control in the matter). Moreso, I am impatient with the fact that I am so impatient with the process.

Yes, indeed, I am impatient with being impatient. Those four little words are going to serve as a reminder to me. First, it'll help lighten my mood when I'm becoming a bit agitated or impatient. It really does make me giggle. It'll then be a reminder to be much more gentle with myself. I suspect that the more gentle I am with myself, the easier it will be for me to find balance.

We do have big dreams, and I am so very excited to start living them. However, this is where we are, we want to do everything we can to slow down, soak it in, and drink it all up.


  1. Love the new site Meli, glad I can always catch up with you here, even though it's a poor substitute for your company....I'm still running haggard.....lots of writing with this internship....of course, your pics are amazing, I can't believe Rylan's hair is getting soo long! Love you guys, will be in touch soon, much love...and I can totally see you in a converted bus (saw that tweet the other day)...lol...

  2. the photos are amazing - I love catching up with you and the family. Did you see I bought a vw bus westfalia? I posted it on FB in Nov. (Lisa SF)... she's not on the road as of yet ... stay tuned.

    You have such a great energy around you - if I could do the dreads I'd be all over it - would go great with my bus LOL! xo