February 3, 2010

vlog debut!

Posted by meli on Wednesday, February 03, 2010 in | 1 comment

Here I am... my first video log!
#1, notice the insanely dark puffy under eye circles. I'm absolutely rocking "the cute" these daysl!
#2, think I could I have said the word "awkward" a few more times?!
#3, I still REALLY want that nap! It almost got me, too. I dozed off for a couple of minutes. Watch that come back to haunt me tonight! Damn you Insomnia ... damn you!
#4, love the song playing in the background ... the kids were listening to it. Thanks, fellas, for adding the soundtrack to my production! lol

1 comment:

  1. O....M....G!!!!! That was awesome sweetie! Congrats on your 1st Vlog! Im so proud and happy! You are an amazingly beautiful person HunnyBee, & have an even more beautiful soal.