February 4, 2010

Let There Be Light... and a Biopsy

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I know you all have been wondering about Nicks surgery.
After a little inspiring talk on my part, he finally decided to request a second opinion. They first just referred him a different Dr working at the same hospital here, in the same dept. I expressed to him my concerns (drs tending to adhere to dept policy, so the 2nd opinion would already be a little skewed in bias. It wouldn't be an entirely fresh perspective), and I urged him to push to have the second opinion come from a Dr working at a different facility. It took a while for that referral to go through, but he finally had that appt last week.
So, he's seen 3 different Drs so far, and all three have had differing opinions ...

1st dr ... cancer. biopsy not possible. results wont be accurate. entire thyroid needs to be removed
2nd dr ... most likely cancer, biopsy not probable, can remove 1/2 the thyroid to have it tested. if it comes back not being cancer, "atleast you still have 1/2 your thyroid". if it comes back being cancer (which they think it will) they will have to go back in and remove the rest of the thyroid
3rd dr ... why are we even talking surgery? lets do a biopsy first. we've had great success getting accurate results by testing numerous samples right there in the OR to make sure we get a good one.

Wow, right? Is there any confusion, any confusion whatsoever why I don't trust western medicine? Don't trust it all!

So, the possibility of it not even being cancer is wonderful. He's decided to go with the 3rd dr for the biopsy. It's scheduled for either tuesday or wednesday of next week, I can't remember ... and the results should come back fairly quickly! Will keep you posted.

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  1. Argh. How frustrating! And confusing. And...frustrating!

    I hope it all works out...