February 2, 2010


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*disclaimer... neither the content nor the hosting of this site has changed yet, just the domain name. I've noticed that the McAfee security siteadvisor has now tested this site as being unsecured and untrusted. Not sure what the issue is, but I'm working with them to try and fix it. Rest assured that the site is fine ... same as it always was. *muah*

Finally carved out my own little spot on the web, and I'm so excited to get this new phase out there. It'll take a bit to pull it all together, but I'm on my way, and that's exciting. I have such big plans. Such huge dreams. So excited to begin turning them into reality.

And that's where my inspiration for this lovely domain name, my new home on the web, came from ...

Dreams are meant to be spoken, heard, felt, embraced; Dreams are meant to be LIVED!

Dream big, Dream wild, Dream free...

Dream With Intention!

Make sure you update your bookmarks so you don't lose me :-)

photo taking at Huntington Beach State Park a year ago ... beautiful


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