February 18, 2010

No Clinical Significance

Posted by meli on Thursday, February 18, 2010 in | 2 comments

The concerns surrounding my husbands health continue to widen, for me anyway.

He was unable to make his biopsy appt last week, so that is already being rescheduled. Which still leaves us unsure whether or not there is cancer on his thyroid.

There was also a mass in his spine that was discovered around the same time as the thyroid. Based on further scans, drs came to the conclusion that it was nothing to worry about. I felt relief, immediate and calming relief... but at the same time, how do they know? Just by looking at a picture, how can you really know that it's nothing to worry about?

Just recently another mass was found... this time in his brain. Based on just the one scan, the Dr concluded that it was of "no clinical significance".

I don't know. My trust in Drs, and western medicine as a whole, is non existant. So I have less of an open mind then I would like to have regarding the subject. But honestly, how can a mass be growing in your brain and be of no clinical significance? It just doesn't register with me. I can't put the words "brain mass" in the same sentence with the phrase "not clinically significant". It just doesn't compute. An oxymoron of sorts.

Perhaps masses growing all over your inner organs are extremely common. Perhaps my body is covered in them, but since I don't go around having myself scanned, I'm just not aware of them. Perhaps these drs know what they're talking about.

I don't know. It's possible. I'm just not convinced.
So, please, spare a few prayers, thoughts, good wishes, healing vibes, and hope for my husband :-)


  1. It will be ok Melissa - Nick will be ok too. These things do sound scary, and as hard as it is to just belive these doctors it's probably the best thing for your peace of mind. They say a positive attidue is the best thing for staying healthy - think healthy and you will be. Love Jenn

  2. It makes me frustrated for you guys, and I would have those same questions, I would be wanting to ring some necks.....but like Jenn said, the best thing to do is think positively......everything will work out Meli.....wish I could make these problems go away for you. It's just not fair.