July 16, 2012

the other shoe

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oh sweet dreads, I loved you so

The other shoe has dropped. Only that would indicate that there are only two shoes. And that can't be accurate. More then 2 shoes have already dropped, so there must be more. These shoes must be being worn by an octopus. Or maybe a centipede. Fuck, I hope it's not a centipede. In any event I suppose I should say another shoe has dropped. Another. That seems to fit better.

Just as I was regaining balance and finding my footing. Two days, infact, from the day of my blog entry talking about being ready to take deliberate steps into this new life ... another shoe dropped.

News came in that took my breath away and knocked me on my ass.
The instant stress has returned.
The shallow breathing and dizziness back in full force.
My world spinning, and I'm struggling to find something to grasp.
Anything, something.

Decisions had to be made. Steps had to be taken. Pride had to be swallowed.
And swallowed Hard.

And now I wait.
Wait for an answer.
Wait for something to grasp.
Wait for that sliver of light to return.


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