June 23, 2010

if you save them ... they will come

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Oh good lord ... that is ANOTHER dog! We haven't run into this many strays/rescues since living in Fayetteville (where, apparently, dumping your dog on the side of the road is considered sport!)

Ready for a story? lol

I found a great family so eager to give the puppy we picked up a loving home. I was so excited! They live outside of Asheville, NC which is about 2 1/2 hours from us. I wont hand a rescue pet over to a new family unless they are ok with me hand delivering the lil fur ball myself, so we loaded up the car, I printed off directions, and off we went. I also plugged the address into my cell phones GPS system ... would be easier to listen to direction rather then having to read them, right? Haa!

Everything was going well. Open roads, rocking tunes, AIR CONDITIONING (after 2 hot and humid SC summers ... our cars ac is FINALLY FIXED!) It had been about 2 1/2 hours, so I started wondering why we weren't there yet, or why we weren't even seeing signs for Asheville (hello, meli, could there be a bigger clue then that?!) Want to know what signs we were seeing? MORGANTON! Yep, I drove us to Morganton ... if you remember from the last post, this puppy was found in a box on the side of the road not too far from Morganton. Pretty damn ironic if you ask me, lol! I blame the GPS!

So, I try to find an exit to pull off so we can all use the bathroom, and I ended up exiting/merging onto another hwy (one of those hwys that run through the city). I was getting ready to pull into a restaurant, and I spot this dog run across the hwy! You can see where this story is going, can't ya? lol.

I pulled over, and she came right up to us. No collar. One of the workers at the restaurant said he sees her every day; darting through traffic. Brought her to a vet ... no microchip. I called around to the local shelter, rescues, and a few vets to see if anyone had called in a missing dog matching her description. Nothing. She has NO manners whatsoever. All of that together leads me to believe that it's not likely there is someone looking for her. Poor baby.

She's young. I'd guess 5-8 months, maybe. As high energy as they come (even for an australian shepherd [that's what she is, btw, lol]).

Anyway, I couldn't just leave her there, and since I was hitting dead ends in all my attempts to locate an owner, I just decided to load her into the car. We turned ourselves in the right direction, and headed on up to deliver the puppy.

They took one look at the pup, squealed, and called her Sunny (her eyes ... bright like a sunny sky). It fit! Morgan didn't stick ... we took to calling her Sassy. Sassy McWhine A lot, actually! LOL. They were great, already had everything set up for her. She is going to have a wonderful life with them, I can feel it.

Sooo ... here we are, with an extra dog, again. I'm not as optimistic about finding this one a great home. She's older, for one. So many people want tiny little things. Also, honestly, NO MANNERS! She needs a great deal of training. She's gorgeous! I actually have such a soft spot for this breed ... ok, ok, I have a soft spot for most breeds, lol. It's her color in particular that I'm drawn to. I love blue merles. I just don't think that will offset the strikes against her to potential new families. Rescue groups are so full (people ditching their pets because of economical downfalls has caused such a crowded situation for so many rescue groups), and I wont turn her over to a shelter. So, as much as my cats hate me (poor babies) she's here for now. Until I can think of something. She will be a wonderfully smart, loyal, beautiful dog with some extensive training. I just don't know that I have it in me to do it. I'm stretched so thin already. Running on fumes. And also, if I put that much time and love into an animal, there is no way I would be able to give her to a new family. I become attached too quickly ...

This is exactly how Tatum came into our lives. I spotted her running down the side of the interstate.

Getting lost. The name of the city. The similarity in her rescue with Tatum's rescue...
Meant to be?

Since the name Morgan was back up for grabs ... she nabbed it. And this time it is a perfect, sticking fit.

If she would just CLOSE HER EYES and SLEEP! I'm so tired!

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