June 19, 2010

We are not alone

Posted by meli on Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 1 comment

I've been asked, on several occasions, why I am so openly candid about my families troubles. Why I feel the need to air our dirty laundry. Why I put it all out there for the world to read.

In short ... because I want to. It's therapy for me in more then one way.

It feels good to have a place to unload. It feels good to have a place to work through my thoughts. It feels good to have a place to drop as many F-bombs as it takes before my breathing returns to normal. Lets face it ... it's not good to bottle things up. This is my own personal dumping ground, and it serves me well.

Why not just journal privately, then? Why does the everyone and their mother need to have access to your dump?

That one is easy ... because it's nice feeling heard. It's one things to "get it out", it's another to be heard, listened to, and understood. Who doesn't want that? I mean, c'mon.

Therapy comes in other forms, too. Aside from the direct help that online blogging gives me, the indirect help is much more personal and meaningful to me. I express my heartache and I share my fears because I know that by opening my life up, others will see themselves reflected there. I tell my story, knowing that others will recognize, in many ways, that it is their story also. We're together. Banded. Walking hand in hand through this journey. We are not alone. Those 4 little words are so extremely powerful ... we are not alone. If I can help bring a little solace to someone who sees their struggles through my story, that is therapy for me. The ability to turn my pain into comfort for others trudging through the muck ... wow, my own personal hell has not been in vain; could you ask for more?

I opened my book a long time ago, and I have no plans of closing it.

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