June 22, 2010

Yes, that is an extra dog...

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I received a call today (you know you're in for a story when it starts with "I received a call today"... lol). I almost didn't answer because I didn't recognize that number (take note ... I rarely answer the phone if I don't know your number). I was thinking it may be something regarding Nick, so I answered ... oh was I way off!

It was a girl working at one of the shelters upstate. She said that a lady had just dropped off two puppies. Apparently she found a box of three puppies on the side of the road, decided to keep one of them, and turned the other two into the shelter. The particular shelter she brought them to was way over capacity. She said since they puppies wouldn't be considered lost dogs or strays, they would instead be signed in as an "abandoned litter", and they would be put down immediately because of the lack of holding room.

She was working the front desk, so she took the puppies to her car and called me (I've volunteered my photography services to some of the shelters around here ... I'm assuming that's where she got my number?). She told me she would be able to take one of them home, but that would max her out according to her lease agreement, so she needed to find someone to take the other puppy. She said she called everyone she could think of, and no one was in a position to take on another dog, even temporarily. She only had about 30 minutes left at work, and if she couldn't make arrangements, she'd have to officially sign the puppy in and leave it (to be killed).

Totally not in the mood for puppy days, but what could I do, say no? Yea right!

Soooo... meet Morgan (I think that's what I'll name her anyway... she was found not too far from Morganton, NC. It fits! That's how Tatum got her name, too. We picked her up right outside of Tatum, SC)... a cute lil girl with grayish blue eyes, quirky ears, and stinky puppy breath. lol.

We went out to the lake after picking her up so her and Tatum could get acquainted....
Morgan was content to lie under my leg much of the time (she was trying to get out of the sun) while Tatum prompty walked a few steps into the sludgey-est part of the lake, lied down, and rolled back and forth until she was completely covered in mud! OMG ... such a mess!


  1. Morgan is a perfect fit, look at that face!

  2. She's adorable. I love you even more for saving her life. :)