June 1, 2011

"Doing 7 Proud"

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We celebrated Owens SEVENTH Birthday today. So hard to believe my teeny babe is already seven! 

He says he totally feels seven. He says it's a very different feeling then the feeling he had the day prior; when he was just six. Says he feels taller, too (which is a significant feeling for him ... he totally takes after his Dad in the short department). He's very confident he's "doing 7 proud", Haha!

He's a very strong willed, passionate little dude. He's extremely protective of those he loves (especially his mama), and he wields fierce opinions about everything and anything. He's sarcastic, deliberate, and so very quick witted. Truly one of the funniest people I know! He curses like a sailor, will give you his last bite of cake, and is the best damn snuggle buddy a person could have. All at only 7 years old. He's destined for greatness, this one :-)  

early morning balloon fun in an empty house is killer! 

rocking his new "pint-sized" guitar.
He loves to rock, but the guitars we have are a bit too big for him to really get down.
This one fits him perfectly ... he's already learned how to swing it around, throw it in the air, catch it and continue the rock. He puts on a pretty awesome show! lol 

he wanted a beach birthday!

he got a beach birthday!

little fish

we looooove the beach

<3 my loves

a "man-made diving board" of sorts, lol!

i love watching them together

this shot reminds me of dirty dancing, lol!

Happy Birthday Our Sweet "not so little" Owen!

our family!

serenading his cake? lol

make a wish

Mmmmm .... caaaaaaaaake!
He wanted a chocolate forest cake, with almond brittle as both crust and frosting.
Done! With an extra layer of almond brittle w/a deep chocolate fudge sauce in the middle.
All Raw Vegan, of course!


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