June 29, 2011

We . Are . Familyyy

me and the kids, my dad, my bro Eddie, and my sisters Nikki, Jenny, and Jamie.
Julie wouldn't come over ... punk!

I moved from WI when I was 14 years old. It's was a really quick move ... one day to pack and sell most of our belongings, and the next day to hit the road and not look back. Taking that "no looking back" philosophy to heart, I have only been back for one visit in the past 17-ish years (summer of '98; pregnant with Larson). My youngest sister (I have 4 of them) was only 2 at that time, and my brother wasn't yet born (or even a plan for that matter, lol). I've missed my sisters so incredibly much over the years, and I've really wanted to meet and spend time with the younger ones, so it's been really great to reconnect with these peeps; gonna be hard to leave in a couple of weeks. 

We're looking for a temporary month long rental so we can hit up Summerfest (Franti... here we come!), and spend as much time with my sibs as I can! 

I'm having a great time getting to know these girls (now women, wtf?!) again, and the kids are having a blast. Eddie (my bro) is a few months older then Rylan, so they all have a great time together! Throw my Dad, stepmom, a new brother-in-law, and a nephew into the mix ... and it's a recipe for good times (usually, lol).

Auntie Jenny helping Owen with the sprinkler

the sprinkler wasn't doing it for him ... time for the pool

ahhh, this is the life

hitting a few balls ... nice stance, Eddie. 

Eddie and Owen

a little rain will never deter Rylan 

Larson on the other hand; he takes shelter

they get a long so well

Auntie Nikki showing Owen some of her Pro Softball Skills

taking a kickball break
the guy in red is Brad; meh bro-in-law (Nikki's Husband). Great photo of him, I know! lol

always causing a rukus

my seesters (minus one :-P)
me, nikki, jamie, jenny ...
and Barbs little peanut head in the back, lol. 

the boys wanted in on the action

splishin' and a splasin'

we love having Eddie over

not sure he loves the food portion of his time with us, though! lol

hot tubbing

Going for a little hike

ahhh, the lake

good thing we keep suits in the car for impromptu swimming holes, lol

Ahhh... There's Julie!!! My other seester! And my nephew, Jayden!
He's afraid of me right now, but I'm determined to have him loving me by the time we leave, lol!

Owen and Jayden

And to tie it all together, here's a video of our wicked backyard game of kickball! We had a great time playing, but it all fairness; the video is a little boring. lol ... guess you had to be there.


  1. love all you pictures mel! :) Your boys are so stinkin adorable, and I can't get over how much your younger two look like you!~

    Wishing you all the best with your plans as you transition to a new place and home.....now that you are a little bit closer to us we should try to connect.....

  2. Don't they, though? My little mini me's.
    We absolutely need to get together. I'm eager to see hendrix in person! And it's been too long for us... miss you, cousin!