June 18, 2011

Candy, Chet, & AJ too!

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Our first stop was up to West Virginia to visit with some family that Nick hasn't seen in years (and that I have never even met). We were really excited to finally make it up there! 

We called the day prior (we're spontaneous and flighty like that, lol) to see if Aunt Candy and Uncle Chet would be around the following day, "b'cuz we're comin' up". They were; so we pointed the van north and away we went. 

When we hit their town, we pulled over for a quick bite to eat. Kids + Railroad Tracks = Mama gets snap happy with the camera, lol!  

With our bellies full, and our train track wandering behind us, we headed over to their house. Nick felt anxious (as he usually does these days before entering something new), and I felt a slight bit uncomfortable. It's no secret here that the blood between me and Nicks family runs hot and cold on any given day, so I was really unsure what we could be walking into. But it was all for naught... We had a really nice visit. Chatted for several hours like old friends. Their grandson, AJ, was also there, so it was nice to meet him. I forget how old he is ... 12 or 13? He's a great kid; so polite and friendly. The boys had him busy giving them rides on the quad. I could tell Nick really wanted in on the action, but he decided to let the kids enjoy their afternoon; lol. 

So glad we decided to detour up there. We miss them already, and are looking forward to our next visit!


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