June 3, 2011

Good Life Cafe = OH YUM!!!

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Columbia's first Raw Vegan restaurant, Good Life Cafe, was graced with our presence yet again. We friggin love it there! The food is amazing, and the staff is even more amazing. 

They had lasagna on the menu today; which is what made us pile in the aircondition-less car and make a RUN for it. By the time we got there, the lasagna was all gone (bummer, we were SO looking forward to it.  Over 4 years of being raw vegan, and we haven't tried a lasagna yet! One day ... ONE DAY!) 

I'm getting hungry again just looking at these photos ...

taco salad

unsausage w/biscuit and gravy
beet and kale salads on the side

pimento-less veggie wrap with same side salads as above


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