June 19, 2011

Blowin' in the Wind

I absolutely love wind mills (or wind turbines, if you so prefer). 
There's something so majestic and peaceful about them, 
and I feel a sort of kindredship with them. 
Standing there; blowin' in the wind, but sturdy in their strength. 
Standing there; looking as though they are about to propel out into the world, yet bound firmly in place by obligation. 
Standing there; simple in theory and design, but there's a level of complexity involved in really getting to know what and how this piece of equipment can work with and for you.
They're beautiful.
I Love Them!

This particular wind farm is along I-65 in Indiana. Not quite as impressive as the wind farm outside of Palm Springs, CA ... but still wonderful. 

Alternative Energy Rocks!
And Happy Father's Day!


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