June 7, 2011


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Today this little family of ours is

drum roll please ...


We're still in Columbia!

I'm pretty damn sure that no one (myself included) believes me anymore when I say we're leaving *next week, *on monday, *tomorrow ...
Nope, not a one of you!

S'ok, we don't have a schedule to keep, or a boss to pacify; we're allowed to change our minds at the last minute (seventeen hundred times over) and hang a bit longer. lol

And our reason for staying an extra week this time is a good one!

Our favorite local music performance is this coming Saturday. We planned to be in Asheville already (like, months ago), and we would have just made the drive back down here to see them.  Now, since it's only a few days away; we just decided to stay down here one more week. Great, right? We can rearrange our whole schedule to accommodate a concert. Lovin' this life!

BUT, our housing office has "put their foot down"; no more extensions after this one ...  so we HAVE to be out next Monday. We're thinking maybe we'll go straight into traveling; instead of nesting in Asheville first. Would love to see as many of you as we can!!!

Anyway, to celebrate our official retirement 
we went and did something Cah-Razy! 
We got new ID cards!
lol. We didn't have a choice; our old ones expired today.   

The Dependent ID's are pretty much the same as they've always been, only instead of saying "active duty" they say "retired". Still fun!  But Nicks ID got a whole new look ... and, it's blue. The kids have been eagerly awaiting the "cool retired blue id" since we started this med board process like 2 years ago, lol! 

The day is finally here.
Behold the Glory of the Blue...


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