June 11, 2011

Beach Bums; bidding a farewell to Columbia

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We've been thoroughly enjoying Summa-Time!!!
We hit up the water park here once more before our Active Duty ID's expired (it was free then) ... but we've mostly been beach bums at the lakes here.

swim, eat, swim, eat, dig holes, swim, eat some more, sleep
do it all again.

Yea, that's pretty much been our itinerary this past week!

Such a rough life, ha!

We're no longer going up to Asheville (atleast for now). It's been decided (I know, what the hell does "decided" mean in my family! lol)  We've been busying planning a road trip that I'm being all hush hush about (probably because no one would believe me anyway; the girl who cried "road trip" too many times, lol).

We're driving out of here on Monday!
I'll fill you all in when we are officially on the road.
We may show up at your door a day later! lol

Until then ...
we just returned from the beach, a smoothie is being prepared by my hunny, and then we're off to our absolute favorite event here in Columbia:
Rhythm on the River

Tonights artist is...

Brian Conner (of Villanova our favorite local band [actually rates right up there with our favorite overall bands, not just local]) and his Amazing Friends (to include my girl crush, Nikki Lee).

What a great way to say good bye to this city we have called home for the past 4 years! You've seen us through thick and thin, Columbia ... We Love You!


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