February 18, 2011

Full Moon Shenanigans

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We were once again found enjoying this gorgeous day at the park. Where else!

We were only prepared to stay for a few hours (didn't bring dinner with us), but as the sun was setting, and the moon was becoming brighter and brighter; none of us wanted to go home.  Sooo we stopped by a local heath food store, grabbed some things to make lettuce wraps, and back out to a park we went. A new one this time. We've driven by it many times, always saying something like "we should stop there one day", but we never do. Ack, it's a bad little habit of ours that I'm working to break. Live in the now ... shut up with the "one day".  
Anyway; it's a very quaint little park in the middle of downtown. It was empty and quite relaxing ... even with the traffic noise. 

We ate our dinner in the middle of a circle labyrinth etched into the concrete, told stories, laughed, and then decided to play a game of hide and seek under the stars ... because it's a childhood rite of passage to play hide and seek under the stars exactly 147 times before growing up. It's true. Look it up.

i was hiding under a park bench in a pile of leaves and pinecones
not sure i left any on the ground

working the labyrinth after being "sought"

hey you! yea you! up in the tree!
found ya!

he forgot to hide this go 'round
too distracted by the kale stems and dressing bottle

yes, it really was THAT funny

alright; step aside fellas,
the best seeker in the west (err, i mean east?!) is here to get things done ...

found you!

and you!

and you!


and just for the heck of it ... a photo of my boys at the first park ... pre shenanigans
wait a second - are those bunny ears?!


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