February 9, 2011

Owen under the Knife: Part 3

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He finally got the metal rod removed from his bone... hopefully making this the last surgery for the little fella. I pushed the surgery date out 2 extra weeks because of the little chest cold he had going on. They were willing do go ahead with the surgery, because he wasn't running a fever, and he wasn't too stuffed up. But ... anesthesia freaks me out enough; no need to up the risk factor going under while sick; even if just slightly so. 

So by the time the day finally came around, he was so anxious to get on with it. He was all, and I quote, "ready for all this arm business to be over with". He's been dealing with this broken arm since LAST APRIL! I'd be pretty much done with it by now, too! 

Strong healing vibes would be greatly appreciated for this very active boy ... 
He was already ready to blanket slide down the stairs later in the evening. Oye!

The play life nurse there brought him a video game
to play while waiting for the Dr. 

he only played the game for a minute before deciding
he'd rather soak up plenty of snuggle time
before they brought him back

waking up after surgery

being wheeled out to the car, with his special pretzel "treat".
he needed something in his tummy so the pain meds didn't make him nauseous.
isn't it amazing how unhealthy the food is in hospitals?
this was the best option by far...

the bones are STRAIGHT!
(both of those were broken!)

he asked his Dr if he could keep the rod.
look how tiny it is!


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