February 20, 2011

Mom & Owen get Tangled

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Dinner and a Movie date night: take 2 ... this time with my littlest bug. 
Owen wanted to have the same type of date as me and Rylan had; "only a little different and better" (his words, lol).  

The changes: we went out for lunch instead of dinner (at the same place), went to a different theater (after MAKING SURE they had the claw game, too), saw a different movie (Tangled), got to wear cool glasses (3D style). Score!

I love date night with this little peanut! We talked a lot about animals being raised as food (his topic!) He has plans to open a school of sorts when he grows up ... specifically designed to teach why one should, and how to go about living a vegan lifestyle. He said he's going to change the world. I believe him <3

had to shop for our lunch

and then eat it!

he, of course, had to try the claw game
determined to catch an animal to show his brothers.
and whaddya know; he nabbed one on the FIRST try!
it's a redskins bear ... but we wont hold that against him.

while 3D movies make me a little dizzy;
this kid thought he was the COOLEST ...
being the first brother to see a 3D movie and sport the "wicked cool" glasses

we both had to pee so bad by the end of the film ...
props to my boy for holding it, lol!

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  1. He likes wearing his Clay Matthews shirt backwards...