February 19, 2011

Mom, Rylan, and a bear named Yogi

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Me and Ry Dawg went on a date this evening ... Dinner and Movie. 

We had a really great time together He's such an easy peaceful spirit to be around. It's a treat to be able to connect with each of my men, one on one. I'll cherish our "date nights" forever <3

we prepared our meal
a tasty salad wrapped up in a spinach tortilla

we talked about music, friends, favorite numbers
(mine is 13; his is 20)
and we took zany photos of ourselves

we played this claw game 5 times
(2 for rylan; 3 for mom)
before snatching up this cute little leopard whom we named yogi.
i mean, really, there was no other option!

this kid is seriously the BEST person EVER to watch a movie with
his laugh is completely infectious!

and in the end ...
2 thumbs UP for Yogi Bear
we really enjoyed it!


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