December 15, 2010

31 years of life

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Happy 31st Birthday to Me!
We spent the day dancing, eating, and painting. It was perfect. My heart is full!
This past year has been filled with much turmoil, heartache, frustration, and often feelings of hopelessness ... but I'm still standing. My wounds turn to scars, and my scars are a symbol of strength. A reminder to myself that I survived the blows. I can't begin to guess what this next year will bring, but with pride in myself for standing the test of time thus far, I'll move forward into this next year with great hope and optimism. If I've learned anything in the past 31 years it's that I possess so much more then I ever thought possible. Life is going to throw curve balls ... and I am more then equipped to deal with all of them. Keep truckin'

Here's to me! And all of you out there facing your own struggles. Dig deep. Don't give up. All the courage and strength you could possibly need is right there within you!


The Traditional "coming down the stairs to the party" Photo

The boys' custom decorations ... paper lanterns! Love!

We love to paint! (there may be a related Give-Away coming shortly ... stay tuned)

Opening gifts... Weeeee!  Larson drew me a picture and put it in a custom decorated frame. Rylan gave me a pair of super soft aloe socks that I'd been eyeing for months. Owen made me a paper mache flower pot that he painted. And Nick made me my annual birthday card. <3 

And the cake ... a raw vegan pineapple cheesecake with a berry sauce on top (my own recipe). SO good!


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