December 6, 2010

Movin' On Up ... again

me and my loves grabbing a quick lunch at 14 Carrot

Dontcha just love the new name? 
I do!
It's light. It's fun. It's me. 

There's a beautiful freeness that comes with twirling. The ability to recapture our childlike view of the world; peace, innocence, fun, being present in the moment ... just by twirling. Amazing.
And dragonflies, well, I've always loved them. The more I learn about them, the more I love them ... 

The meaning of the dragonfly changes with each culture, but many believe that dragonflies symbolize peace, purity, harmony, renewal, freedom, strength and survivability. 

As a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently symbolizes change. The ability to transform from water to air represents going past our self imposed limits and achieving our goals. A symbol of maturity.

The dragonflies short life span symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living life to the fullest; living IN the moment. 

Dragonflies are also believed to symbolize rebirth or rejuvenation after a big loss or after facing hardships.

It's absolutely a fitting symbol for my new blog space. 
Change. Renewal. Strength. Freedom. Maturity. Survivability. 

Let's Rock This!!!

a wildlife conservatory near hilton head island

You'll also notice that I am once again using blogger. I started blogging in 2005. I moved from Xanga to Blogger in 2007, and then earlier this year I decided to give Wordpress a whirl. I noticed a lot of people moving over to wordpress, and the curious cat that am wanted to see what all the buzz was about. 

I quickly learned that wasn't for me. I'm all about customizations, and charges an upgrade fee for everything under the sun when it comes to customizing your blog. Sooo, I went to an outside hosting company, and started using (free customizing till your hearts content). I gave it it's fair shake, but in the end I'm much too simple a girl to be bothering with hosting management, databases, sql-amajigs. I'm sure I could figure it all out pretty easily if I put my mind to it ... but my mind doesn't want to be put to it, lol. So, I'm back here! Home sweet home!

Wordpress does have some pretty cool features, and who knows... I may move back one day. But for now, I'm really digging the more simplified blogging over here at blogger! 

And check out the size of these photos ... reason enough to <3 blogger, right?!

simple beauty

I've been having a lot of issues moving my Capturing Life 365 blog over. 
It's finally (after a week) being redirected to the right space, but a good portion of the photos didn't transfer over. Oye! Will hopefully be back soon!


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