December 16, 2010

So I have this massager...

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Hold it right there!
You may think you know where this blog post is going, but...

ok, maybe it is

I have this back massager for, ya know, massaging backs... 

I woke up yesterday morning to my 4 boys standing over me, singing Happy Birthday, followed by an eight hand back rub. Nice, right? I know! Owen quickly concluded there was an easier way. A way that didn't involve crampy hands. His brilliant idea was to grab the massager and go to town. It felt great, btw! I could definitely get used to a back rub before getting out of bed each morning!

So anyway, the massager. Owen wouldn't let it out of his hands all day. He went from massaging my back, to doing his brothers' backs, then back to mine, etc. Eventually he figured out that he could use the thing on himself. Do you see where I'm going yet?

He's 6, btw!

He was busy massaging his own back. Then he moved to his tummy. His feet. His head. I got up to go make some lunch, and the next thing I hear is ...


OMFG! I could have died laughing if I let myself!

He's been talking quite a bit about his "pee balls" lately... where he picked up that terminology is anyone's guess.  ???  lmao!

That's nice, son, but perhaps activities involving your "pee balls" would be better suited in a bedroom or a bathroom... ya know, with the door closed.  


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