December 29, 2010

Christmas Twenty-Ten

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We tossed around ideas of renting another cabin for the holiday's this year, but at the end of the day we decided to stay put. Mostly because of our impending release from the military. We're not exactly sure when it's going to happen (sometime within 5-7 weeks is what I'm guessing right now), and we're going to need every penny when that move finally comes. 

Sooo, a cozy little holiday at home. We've closed our curtains, turned on our twinkle lights, and have been hunkering down together (with a few spontaneous visits from the neighborhood kids thrown in for good measure. Apparently our house is the place to be ... what with the painting at will, games of tag and soccer inside, and the ever popular stair sledding; we're quite attractive... like moths to a flame, lol). Nick has a few more days of leave before returning to work, and we're soaking it all up. Hard to believe that soon, very soon, this will be our new normal. All of us together, always.  

Christmas Eve was spent spreading kindness and love at a nearby park that is frequented by our city's many homeless people. We dropped off some wrapped gifts near the playset, with images of a Mother watching her children play, worried about not having the funds to make Christmas morning magical for them. She finds the gifts, and her prayers are answered. Or perhaps a Father or an Uncle who is down on his luck, and not feeling too worthy of love or family. He finds the gifts, and regains a sense of confidence to join his family for the Holidays, knowing he has something to give, something to offer. 

We also filled up 25 or so lunch bags of food, and handed them to the homeless people we saw. Lots of smiles and good wishes shared. We left the leftover bags near the parks entrance, with a note of love and comfort. We came home with our hearts full!

Our Christmas Day was great. Lots of laughing. Lots of games. Lots of love. Lots of raw vegan cinnamon rolls (homemade). Simplicity and relaxed is the way we roll. Our gifts we all heartfelt, and mostly homemade (and we didn't get around to opening them till the evening!). Owen (with help from Dad) made everyone a see-through planting box & stand, so we'll be able to see the roots growing. We love to grow things! Larson painted Owen a canvas, with a photo of me and owen snuggling in the center (O told Lars that his favorite things was snuggling Mom ... *melt*) . He made Rylan a collage of dinosaur photos (ry has been obsessed with dinos since the age of 2). He made Nick a frame with a photo of a Bass Guitar made out of legos (Nick loves both). And he found me a sweet little tea mug at an antique store a couple of months ago, and has been hiding it since. Rylan made me a skirt out of some cute flowered material (I heart skirts!). He painted Nick a wooden frame, and put a Tony Romo football card inside. He made Larson a friendship bracelet in the Minnesota Vikings colors (Larson is a temporary Vikings fan while Favre plays for them). And he sewed Owen a new, super soft pillow case (Owen has carried around his "snuggle pillow" since... since forever). Nick made me a wooden easel out of the scrap wood from the builders across the street (I've been eyeing wooden easels every where we go, lol), and I painted him a picture pre easel (see below). The kids and I also gave him some new drawing pencils and pastels. We gave the kids their own fully stocked tool box (I found the cutest wooden box at an antique/thrift store a while ago). With Christmas money that we received from family we bought the kids their own macbook computer (which has caused me such stress and frustration in the days since. Short version ... we found it on craigslist and it has turned out to be a dud. Our kids are naturally understanding and appreciative people, so they're not at all disappointed that the thing barely works. They're thankful that it works "sometimes". But I am disappointed. Working to follow my kids example and let it go, but it is a disappointment to me). 

And then ... SNOW!!!
It snowed on Christmas!!! 
How awesome is that?!? 
Ok, for you northerners, perhaps awesome isn't the word you'd use, lol, but down here snow is a rarity. Snow anytime is pretty amazing (and a matter of statewide emergency); for it to happen on Christmas ... pure magic!!!

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