December 23, 2010

Grrr, Bark, Woof ... Good Dog

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We were driving down a road that we've been on thousands of times before, yet we'd never before seen a sign pointing up to a park. I spotted it, yelped out in excitement, and we made a quick U-Turn. 

There's nothing like an impromptu evening game of freeze tag at a new park!

What was even more exciting about this park... 

It's a dog park! An actual dog park in this city that doesn't require membership! What?! HOW have I not heard of this before now?! The name of the park should have given it away... Quinine Park, but, well, we can be slow sometimes, lol. It took the sign, numerous waste stations set up, and the HUGE fenced in area with gate before the light bulb went off. Quinine ... Canine! Ahhhh haaaa! By george I think we've got it! In our defense it was late, we were tired, and our minds were on preparing for our holidays. lol

It's a park we'll definitely be visiting often!


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