December 9, 2010

Question of the Year

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Yo, Meli, what's happening with the military?

Ahhh, the question I'm asked more often then "how do you get your protein"?
I didn't think anything would top THAT one, lol.

The answer ... we'll be out SOON!

Nick's paperwork is complete! Barring any appeals on our part (we should have the final "official" statements of health in our hand by next week, and we'll have 10 days to look it over. If we disagree with any of the findings, wish to have something added/removed, we can appeal it within that time) his packet will be sent up to the big wigs in DC. 3-4 weeks later we'll know our fate...
retirement percentage, amount, date of discharge.

We've been told he'll definitely be rated at at least 70%, with a high probability of 100%

*Huge Breath*

It's almost over!

After those findings come back (again, barring no appeal on our part), there's a week or two of paper processing followed by about a week or two of Nick clearing.
Our actual departure time is going to come down to leave (vacation days)... if we sell back our leave; we'll be packed up and driving out a little over 2 months earlier then if we use the leave.

Basically, we have approx 70-75 days of leave saved up (not counting the Holiday leave he's about to take). We have the option of using that leave before separating from service, or selling it back. Not yet sure which we'll do. We've always leaned more toward using it. Selling it back will only get us basic pay, not to include the housing and food allowances we get each month. So technically we'd be losing money by selling it. However, we've been unable to get a straight answer about retirement and moving allowances.

While on active duty, when you move they pay you a dislocation allowance. It's supposed to help cover the cost of the move (gas, lodging, and food) and also help cover first and last and a utility deposit on a new place. We've not yet been given a straight answer as to whether or not there is a program set up to help retirees move. They'll move our stuff free of charge, but we're not sure about us (gas, lodging, rent). Add that to the fact that our retirement pay wont kick in until 30 days separated from duty. Being there is going to be at least a month long gap of not being paid, selling back our leave may be our only feasible option to get us money to move and live on while waiting for retirement pay to kick in.

Soooo, don't know when we're leaving, where we'll go, or how we'll get there, but it's almost over!

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