December 7, 2010

Thrifting our way to Freedom

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Walking through a swanky little novelty thrift store and NOT stopping to try on funky glasses is like a crime. A crime my children are not willing to commit.

And I'll be damned if they get to have all the law abiding fun without me!

We've been ever so slowly removing ourselves from "Big Business America" over the past coupla years, but something the other day, and I cannot pinpoint what exactly... maybe it was a documentary that I watched, perhaps it was seeing another going out of business sign on a small family run shop, or maybe it was that guy at target, smelling like beef jerky & cigarettes, who scoffed at me as I was trying on a bazillion scarves ... don't know, but something sparked a fire under my ass the other day. What's with this slow process? Enough is enough.

Big Corporate America, we're over!

We've made the commitment to radically flip our consumeristic ways on their little consumeristic butts.

Actually, we're not huge consumers in the first place, so cutting back really isn't the issue. lol. We will, however, be putting a much more conscious awareness into the times and the places we do shop; into the stores, the people, and the practices we support.

Each time we lay down money for something, we're voting (i've heard that a couple of times recently ... it really strikes a cord if you let it). We're going to make sure our "votes" line up with our beliefs. We don't believe in the philosophy or the practices of big corporations. Sure, the product is cheaper ... but at what cost? Environmental impacts. Humanitarian impacts. Small business impacts. Governmental impacts. Etc. Etc. Etc. They're taking control of everything and everyone ... and we've had enough of it!

We've always been drawn to the smaller shops... the hidden gems tucked away in each city, filled with soft fabrics, handmade clothing and accessories, fair trade yumminess. We love to take time out to stop in these places, but they've always been more of an exception instead of a rule. A fun little treat as opposed to "normal and everyday". THAT is what's going to change - Our treats will become our "everyday".

small swanky boutiques & thrift stores = good
big crowded department stores = puke

The End!

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  1. It's about a 10-15 minute drive from our house ;-)
    All of the workers squeal when my kids walk in... they love to hang out with my little men while I shop, lol!