December 12, 2010

Bring on the Crazy

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I don't know what it is, but put football on and you'll see a side of that you never would have guessed was in there.

Jekyll and Hyde aint got nothin' on me!
(ok, typing the word aint was almost painful)

I'm a screaming, cussing, insulting, competitive biatch...
"What the fuck, officials.... do you have your heads stuck so far up your asses that all of your calls are laced in BULLSHIT?!"

Yup, Football Meli, she's vulgar much.

I'm usually such a peaceful soul. Ya know, the whole "make love not war" and  "friends not foes" type. In competition I'm all about good sportsmanship, and focusing more on having fun rather then winning. If you're all having fun; everyone wins... right? It's a lovely way of living, peaceful, calm, light ... and then comes football. NFL football. Green Bay Packers football. And my flowers and sunshine outlook turns into "get that sonofabitch on his knees... ON.HIS.KNEES".

My blood pressure rises, my anxiety escalates, my veins pop, my voice goes hoarse. lol, wtf!
Everyone is an asshole, a bitch, a cock sucker. Wow!

Not yet sure how I feel about this. It's either soon time to let go of football, or to fully embrace the darkness that overcomes me while watching. lol

In the meantime; back to the game ... my o-line isn't doing their job, my receivers are off their game, my running game is non-existent, and now my quarterback is on the sidelines with a goddamned concussion!



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