October 9, 2011

2yr Dreadiversary VLOG

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It's been two years since I started this whole Dreaded Journey. It's been good and bad; up and down, and I wouldn't change a thing. I love the journey!

This video was so spontaneous and impromptu, and my camera man was continually gesturing to me that the battery light was blinking red and going to die "any second now", (thanks Larson, thanks a bunch ;-)) so I felt extremely rushed and flustered. As such, there was a bunch of stuff I forgot to mention in the video. Sooo, the whole point of a vlog (not having to write/read a post) ... yea, gonna have to do it anyway - lol. I think I'll do bullet points ...

  • it's not really going to be snowing next week (I hope!) ... but it's coming soon. I'm dramatic, lol.
  • yea, you couldn't see any of the loose stuff. lol. The photos down below show the fuzz much better, but they still don't do the loose-ness justice. I'll get another vlog up really soon to show how out of control the loose rebel hairs are, lol. Not that I don't love the look of the rebel hair (I LOVE 'em), but as I mentioned in the video, they're making it really difficult to keep the dreads separate. What I forgot to mention in the video, and one of the reasons I get so frustrated with my dreads (which eventually leads to my desire to chop em off) is that the dreaded roots are coming in SO thin. There are so many loose hairs that aren't meshing with already formed dreads; it's making the new dread growth super thin. So I have thick-ish dreads on the bottom, and as you move up the dread it gets thinner and thinner. I feel like I'm rambling and not making sense? lol. If you don't have, or have never experience dreads, I'm probably NOT making sense, am I? :-/   I've read that in time they will even themselves out, but I think I need a little crocheted maintenance to help them along. 
  • i seriously just said 6 to 12 hours isn't too bad for hair drying, didn't I? What was I smoking? lol. That's A LONG time to sit with a wet head. If I wash them at night, they're still damp when I wake the next morning. 
  • after the dr bronners soap bar, I thoroughly rinse with water before spritzing the vinegar/oil mixture on my hair. For those that think it's weird to rub a bar of soap over your head as shampoo (I know there are a few of you!) I've tried the liquid bronners, but it just doesn't work for me. Works for a lot of dreadheads, I guess, but not me. My hair feels so thick, and sticky, and greasy no matter how long I rinse it. No Likey. No  Thanks.
  • the bottle I use is a bottle that was given to me in the hospital after Rylan was born ... it's a squeeze bottle meant to squirt water and keep your newly stretched/torn/swollen downstairs area comfortable while peeing. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. lol. Works perfectly for my vinegar/oil rinse! I fill and use the entire bottle each time I wash. 
  • a mad hair? yep, totally meant wild hair. same thing, right? lol
  • on teaching me... Camera man's "tick tock/tick tock" motions were really distracting me, so I totally lost my train of thought, and missed most of what I intended to share on what my dreads have given me. They are teaching me SO much. Yes, in all the ways I mentioned on the video, but so much more. Personal obstacles have been kicked over. They've given me ME. They've released me from the layers of guilt, doubt, and fear that were holding me back. They've helped me step into the person that I've always been, but was too afraid/doubtful/fearful/shy to fully live. They've opened me up. By showing me they're not afraid to be different. Wild. Carefree. Born to stand out. They're me, and I'm them. 
  • maintenance. Other then the wetness, the thinness plays a part here too. Because the upper parts of my dreads are so thin, I have to mess with them in order to get them looking fuller in the back. Otherwise they look so flat, piecey, and baldish in some areas. Not attractive. And it can sometimes take a while to fluff them out. I don't like taking much time to mess with my hair, so I often get impatient and just pull them up instead. 
  • gotta love greetings by random dogs, lol. He looks like Tatums brother, right? And when he turned, I totally thought he was going to pee on me (yes, I've been peed on by a random dog before! lol)
  • here's the link to see all my dready posts over the years 
  • i love, love, love seeing dread-heads with gorgeous beads and colorful hemp strings etc in their hair ... so I keep trying with mine. I don't know what it is, but they don't do it for me yet. 
  • yes, I'm always super expressive with my hands! lol
  • and apparently "totally" is totally my favorite word, right?!


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