October 20, 2011

Seborrheic Dermatitis VLOG

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ok, seriously... lol. I couldn't figure out why my "props" looked off while showing them. You can see the confusion in my face with that box, right? lol. Not until I watched the video playback did I finally see that they were all backwards! Yea, I'm tired as all get out! Sorry peeps. Wouldn't know how to fix it for next time anyway. Used the apple photobooth ... why is it backwards? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

couldn't remember the name in the video, but the condition I was originally diagnosed with (way back when I was pregnant with Larson) was lupus. I also forgot to mention that I'm going to be more diligent about taking my probiotics every day. I take them now, have since going raw, but I'm not really consistent. Along with that, I am also going to make sure I'm drinking atleast one ACV drink a day. Have to get my gut all balanced out. Wish a girl some luck ;-)  Will update as soon as there's something to report !


  1. Oh, my soul-sister...
    My beautiful soul-sister...

    I love this Universe and the way it spins us all round together, intertwining our paths at just the right moments...

    I have seborrheic dermatitis too.

    When I clicked on your space, I could not believe what your title was! I am also experiencing a sharp increase of breakouts and have been searching Dr.Google like mad for about a week now.

    I feel your frustration and your desire for it to just go away! Mine first showed up, in the flaky, red manifestation, the winter after we lost Brooklyn. So, I think that stress just compounded something I never gave second thought to since my teenage years. Back then, it was little flakes behind my ears and inside my ear. It wasn't wax, and I couldn't figure it out, but I was just extra vigilant about keeping a check on it. Turns out, that's also a place SD thrives. I don't get it in the summer, well...rarely. I rarely see it in the summer. It's fall-spring. My affected area started out 7 years ago in my eyebrows. They would flake and be so red. Within one or two outbreaks, it moved to the center of my forehead. I jokingly called it my 'Buddha Spot' b/c I believed it was stress related and it reminded me to get a little more zen. But, like you...I see a little coincidence with stress, but nothing huge to say, Yes, it's definitely stress!

    (okay, I don't know if comments can get too long and be refused, so I'm gonna break this up here and start a new one!)

  2. Ah, I love the 3 parter! lol.
    I just tried to leave my long ass reply; and yes ... there is a limit. A 4096 character limit ... what the heck kind of random number is that? lol. I'll have to break mine up, too.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this crap, too. And even more sorry that Dylan has shown symptoms. That's awful. I can imagine your little mama heart breaking. I'm so sorry!

    You'd think that 17 years of dealing with something, anything, would give you a certain amount of shield or nonchalance, but it just doesn't. I've always been self conscience about it. Sometimes to the point of canceling plans/outings because it's really flaring up. My "spots" don't ever go away. Once I get a new lesion; I have to come to grips with the fact that it's now part of me; forever!

    I can usually feel a new one coming on, too. Burning and super sensitive. If I rub at it, wow ... ouch! After a couple of weeks/months, the new spot will lose that burning/sensitivity (unless I scrub too hard to remove the flakey scales).

    The redness definitely subsides more during the summer months (with this year being the exception). The rays from the sun work their magic, and poof ... the redness is gone. You can still see the spots, though, as they then become a bit whiter then my skin. From red to white; nice! lol. The flakes are also really lessoned; but absolutely still present. Back in the beginning years of this battle; I actually bought a UV Ray face lamp, and I would sit in front of it for 10-15 minutes each day. After awhile, though, I knew that I was causing much more long term damage then I was getting short term relief ... so I stopped. It was hard to stop, because it was working to help me feel better about the way I looked; but that little voice inside wouldn't shut the hell up! lol.

  3. This season has been awful. Sounds like it's been bad for you, too. What the hell, right?! I wish you lots of luck with your new product. I hope it works for you!! Several years ago I was on a seborrheic dermatitis yahoogroup ... the group was for people who use ACV to help keep symptoms at bay while cleansing your body and fixing the root cause. Basically you both rub the apple cider vinegar (the braggs brand, with "the mother") on the SD, as well as drink a few tbsp a day (mixed with water or whatever). It did work to help keep the redness down (after the first few days ... those first few days the redness actually increased) and the flakes to a minimum. Up until a few weeks ago, I was still using ACV on my face daily. But like I said; since coming back to WI it's just been AWFUL, and the acv wasn't doing jack for it anymore. But maybe it could help you. I haven't taken the ACV orally in a long long time, and that's something I also forgot to mention on my vlog ... I'm going to reintroduce that as well. It's just good for your health and well being on so many levels anyway, but I'm hoping it will help cleanse me out and put my body back in balance. I can't drink it straight, or just mixed in water... it makes me sick. So I make a quart of my drink at a time ... (I don't measure anything, so these are all approx) 1/4 cup AVC (with the mother, super important ... lol), 1/4-1/2 cup orange juice (or apple, or whatever - just make sure there's no added sugar), fill the rest of the quart with water, and then I put in about 5 drops of liquid stevia. Sometimes I throw in some fresh ginger, or cinnamon. It's good! Reminds me of a really mild kombucha. You could try that, too.

    I've used a lot of different types of dandruff products/shampoos on my face over the years, a few prescriptions ones, too... but none of them even made the slightest difference. I was taking steroid pills for a while, and they really helped; but again ... the long term damage I was doing to my body just wasn't worth it to me. And when I came off the steriod pills; wow ... did it ever flare up!! It was right around that time that I moved away from western medicines, and into more holistic healing. Not that I've had much luck, lol ... but I wasn't having much luck before, either. :-/

    Eventually somethings gotta give, right? I'll keep you informed if anything I'm doing now help ... and I'd love to hear from you, too. We'll fight this beast together. ***I just pumped my fist in the air! You too, right? lol ;-)!

  4. I had heard of the ACV, will try that out too.
    Ok, my new stuff. It has like little grains in it, so it scrubs the yuck off, which is good, unless it's flaring, and then that's painful. It did take care of the majority of the redness for a couple days. I think it's just that I washed my face compulsively with it, though. I think four times with the new cleanser and once with a drying soap. So, honestly...that was probably it. For me, the redness and flakiness comes to a head and is super noticeable for a day or two, then the symptoms begin to recede for about a week. I guesstimate that I get the weekly flare now.

    I had a super busy weekend, and came down horribly sick Saturday night. It basically planted my butt on the couch until yesterday afternoon. Today is the first day I actually sat at my computer. Before that, it was all by iPod via WiFi. God Bless Apple, haha. Surprisingly, though...my lack of hygiene didn't seem to cause a flare up. When you're sick, you're not into showering as much, right? Haha, please tell me I'm not the only one who festers in my own filth, haha!

    Gonna catch up on the rest of your posts now! Let me know how your SD is doing with the new cleanse!