October 29, 2011

at the threshold

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Larson is walking into teenage-dom in just 5 short days. I can't believe it myself; but it's happening regardless. *shrug*  To kick off this huge milestone we dropped him off at an all night skateboarding lock-in. He.Was.Thrilled!!! The title of his blog (skateboarding is my life) should tip you off to the importance of this 4 wheeled sport to him. This was his first solo over-night, so it was a very bitter-sweet moment for me ... but the excitement in his face tipped the scale slightly to the more sweet side 

Getting read to party the night away

Bye Lars; have a great time behind that door! lol

An old warehouse turned HUGE indoor skate park. So cool.

Still smiling after 11 1/2 hours on his board.

Showing off some of his new boarding skills.
He really picked up A LOT in just one night!

Working the bowl.

Back at home showing us the loot he won in a few contests.

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  1. he must have been "out of his mind" excited about his night! I can't believe they are 13 this month - all our nov. 98'ers ... wow... just wow.