October 23, 2011

Sunday's Songbird ... What I Got

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We went on a late night pickle run to the health food store last week, because, well ... just because. Pickles and Dates stuffed with almonds, dipped in cashew butter, and then rolled in carob powder are a big part of whats keeping me sane these day. Not because I'm pregnant, thankyouverymuch. Things suck and I like food. So, I was out of pickles; it didn't matter the hour - we had to go get some. Yes, I could just make my own, but as I said ... things suck, and I don't want to. So, with my vinegary dill gold in hand, we left the store and got into the car. This song started playing. I can't sit still while Franti is rocking. I just can't. I think it's wired in me. And actually, that would explain my dream. I dreamt the other night that I was dating Franti (yes, I know; could totally happen) and we were hanging out in the Caribbean, because that's just how we roll. Anyway, we spent the morning swimming in the ocean, and when we got back to our cabana outside of our beach house (I know, right!) he wanted to help me wash my hair. All sweet and sexy "Come here, baby ... let me help you with that". No, not creepy ... sweet! And sexy! ANYway, so this song started playing when the kids and I got back to the car ... we really had no choice but to get out and shake our groove thangs right there in the parking lot. 4 or 5 songs later we were still going strong, but the store closed about 10 minutes prior, so we decided to hit the road before the 5.0 circling the block hit us. Peace *we're out!

I love Franti and Spearheads version (subtle lyrical changes) of this song. And no, not just because we're exclusive; though that definitely helps...

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What I Got ~Michael Franti and Spearhead
Early in the morning (in the morning yall) 
Risin' to the street (up in the streets yall)
Light me up that mary jane 
I got no shoes on my feet (shoes on my feet yall)
Got to find a reason (I need a reason)
A reason things went wrong (why'd they go wrong)
Got to find a reason why my money's all gone (I'm broke)
I Ain't got no dalmatian (yup)
But I can still get high
And I can play that guitar like a mother shut your mouth

Life is too short 
So love the one you got 
You might get run over 
Or you might get shot (you might get shot)
Never start no static
I just get it off my chest (off my chest)
Never had no battle with no bulletproof vest (no bulletproof vest)
Take a small example
Take a tip from me (from me)
Take all of your money and give it up to charity (charity)
Love is in your heart
And in the disco
And the spearhead style come straight from frisco
It all comes back to you 
you finally get what you deserve (deserve)
Try and test that and you're bound to get served (get served)
Love is what I got
Don't start a riot (riot)
You love it when the dance gets hot hot hot hot

Lovin' is what I got so remember that
Lovin' is what I got so remember that
Lovin' is what I got so remember that
Lovin' is what I got I got my mom smokes pot

I don't get angry when my dog runs away (nah)
I don't get angry with the bills I gots to pay (nah)
I don't get angry when my Mom smokes pot (nah)
But I get happy happy when Gab rocks the mic

It doesn't matter when the voice is all chatter
Like the rings around Saturn and there ain't no cake batter hey (batter)
See all that matters is the sound pitter patter of the
Heart's breathing pattern every day is like a Saturday
Could be sadder but conditions much badder for those
Livin' in the savage third planet space anatomy (anatomy)
I got talent and some lyrics that are valid even if my
Vote ballot doesn't even matter anyway
So what you say hey can I bum a penny eh
So that I can generate some food on my dinner plate
I got love growing way down in my inneries
Just to keep my head level that a devil couldn't penetrate
That's love Gab; yo that's love Mike
For the people Gab; for the people Mike

Lovin' is what I got so remember that
Lovin' is what I got
Lovin' is what I got so remember that
Lovin' is what I got I got I got I got

Love for the people no matter who they be
Love for the fishes in the deep blue sea
Love for the birds up in the sky
Love for the planes just flyin by
People over here and the people over there
Sunday morning sittin' in your underwear
It don't matter where you from
We got love for everybody rumpa-pum-pum


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