October 17, 2011

Autumn Colors and Muddy Buns

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It's been pretty Gloom and Doom around here lately.
Need to balance that out with some Sun and Fun.
Sooo, a happy post (*with a home video at the end) ...

The boys and I had a park picnic last weekend. 
The weather was warm. 
The colors were gorgeous. 
The park begged us to enjoy her. 
We obliged, of course. 

I really have missed Autumn in Wisconsin
Although, reading over that post again, I would have to take back the part about  Wisconsin Autumns being the most beautiful in the country. Nope. Not even close. That must have been my home-sick-ness talking, lol. 
The colors here ARE gorgeous, though. 
I love them! 
So vibrant and warm.
Set against a bright blue sky.
and I love the crunch, crunch, crunch under my feet when I walk.

and then Larson 
being 100% Larson 
decided he could and would jump 
from one rock to another 
over a muddy swampy area
and being the ever supportive Mama that I am
...i asked him to wait while I reached for my flip video camera
i did say he was being 100% Larson, right
this would need to be captured on camera
just when you think it's over...
it's not

*VIDEO... if you're reading on a subscription feed; make sure to click over to the blog to watch!

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