October 12, 2011

Abandonment or Cannibalism

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The female mantis will sometimes eat the male after mating
Maybe she's on to something
It was a bittersweet day
Obviously life doesn't just come to a halt when he's gone
The sun rises
And then it sets
Over and over this happens
Regardless of if we want it to
It just happens
And we can either throw the blankets over our heads
Refusing to be a part of it
Blissful to an extent
Or we can touch feet to carpet
Feel the pain
Swallow the pit down deep
And open our minds to the possibility that each new sun rise brings
A park picnic
A ritual we used to share as a family
Is now being had in spite of said family's broken pieces
Not whole
We march on
Throw down our tapestry
Point our faces to the sun
And smile
Mostly genuine
A little forced
A few choked back tears
What was once 5 strong
Is now just 4
The sun will come up again tomorrow
Until it gets easier
Or maybe
Rewind the clock back 8 years
And eat him after Owen was conceived
Erase the misery
Embrace the freedom
Hats off to you, Mantis
Hats off


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