October 27, 2011


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We were on our way to go apple picking.
Last pick of the season.
Apples almost completely harvested.
We drove over a river.
The scenery took my breath away. 
"How do we get down there".
Turn around.
Turn again. 
"Can we get there from here".
"The apple farm will close soon".
"Should we just forget this river and come back another day".
If we don't make it to the apples, that's ok.
Life's a journey; not a destination.
Embrace life's little detours.
Nick is home. 
Another detour.
Still sorting out my feelings about it.
No words yet.
Just photos of a good day.

Trying to knock down a piece of fruit.
3rd attempt finally got it; but it was rotten.
No Bueno.

Stomping through "the jungle" to get to the river.

The jungle left me with 50 million different thorns to pick out of my clothes.
Seriously. Not an over-exaggeration. 50 million.

Up in a Tree trying to balance his Chi. 

Had to facebook a photo, of course

Trees jetting out over water beg to be climbed.

Such a peaceful spot. I could have napped out on that tree limb, lol. 

With all of the climbing, crawling, and limb balancing going on;
we had only one casualty.
Pretty good.
Rylan thought otherwise.  


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